POS for Clothing Alterations & Tailoring

Now it’s the right time to use the technology in the stitching sector as well. As our company proudly introduced the software which can help you to stitch smartly as well as to keep your client informed and aware about his or her dresses. This is the era where data is everything and keeping client’s data with you is the real asset for your company. Through this software you can keep the client’s data as well as client also can make the changes to the sizes if any changes in their body.

  • Customers Management
  • Workers Management & Complete HR Solution
  • Items/ Product management
  • Booking Management
  • Booking Status
  • Worker Wages
  • Database backup/Restore
  • Accounts
  • Accounts Report
  • Pending Works
  • Fabric Management
  • Work Allocation and Collection
  • Email SMS Notifications
  • Multiple Users
  • Process Management
  • Worker Wise Wage Rate
  • Paper Less Tailoring
  • Smart Order Tracker